Monday, April 26, 2010

Going Natural Spring 2010 Available Online

The digital edition of the Federation of Canadian Naturists' fine magazine Going Natural is now available here in a digital version, or here in paper version.

Inside you will find an editorial by Michel Vais on "The Naturist Minority" which echoes something I have said many times on this blog, that there is strength in numbers, that a "group is essential" for gaining wider acceptance for nudity.

There is also a very interesting article by Stina Sieg on the Northeast Naturist Festival. The author is in her twenties, and while raised by naturist parents, fell out of the lifestyle and felt it was "time to explore nakedness again".

Other articles include "The Fourth British Naturism Weekend at Alton Towers", "Naked People: An Internet Project", "Noods + Toons = The Bare Pit!", "Reasons to Be a Naturist, Part 2", "The International Naturist Anthem", "Kayaking Naked in Desolation Sound", "Going the Full Monte", and more. As usual, the magazine is loaded with great color photos. Be sure to check out the feature "Quote of the Quarter" for some words of wisdom from a certain nudist blogger.

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