Thursday, April 01, 2010

Nudist Photos of the Day 04/01/10


Zack said...

Ask yourself: How would you feel if someone took a nude photo of your daugther and posted online? Like you do. There is no differance between you and Playboy, except you call yourself a "Nudist."


ps I dare you to post this!! But you won't

Nudiarist said...

"Zack" is obviously a troll and troublemaker, but the point needs to be made that all of these photos were taken at public events, such as the Fremont Solstice Parade and the WNBR. Nobody is being compromised by these photos, all participants willingly appeared nude in public with no reasonable expectation of privacy. To suggest that this is exploitation is absurd.

Personally I think it's wonderful that these people are so willing to exercise their body freedom without shame.

Nudiarist said...

One more thing. Anyone who looks at these photos and even thinks of Playboy or pornography has issues which fall outside the scope of nudism and naturism. Why would any naturist have a problem with a photo of one's own self or family members appearing online? Does this mean that all the people who appear nude in the AANR Bulletin are being exploited, and their family members should be ashamed? It's a ridiculous argument.

Peter said...

Troll or not, Zack has fallen into the trap of worrying about what complete strangers think about other complete strangers - as if it matters. My naked image has appeared on the net, and I've come across it appearing in places I haven't published it which means others have copied and republished it. Perhaps "Zack" has seen it. So what? Who and where is Zack? Why should what he(?) thinks of my picture impinge on me?

These days no one should be surprised by something they have said or done appearing on the internet. Certainly it is a given that any public event is going to be recorded and put on a website somewhere. So something as newsworthy as a naked bike ride through a packed city centre is inevitably going to be webbed, and the participants knew it in advance and went ahead anyway.


Diary of a Naked Wombat said...

Personally speaking, I don't know how people can ride bicycles naked. I've tried and I didn't feel comfortable.

It does look cool though.