Friday, April 30, 2010

The Stupidist Thing Anyone Has Ever Said About Women's Topfreedom

Maine Republican legislator Lance Harvell doesn't want women baring their breasts in public, but the reason he hesitates to enact legislation against bare chests against it is because "none of us wants to see a teenaged boy playing basketball outside get arrested". So, if not for the Constitution of the United States, which requires that laws must treat men and women equally, this jerk would love to lock up any woman for exposing a nipple in public.


Chris said...

It's unbelievably depressing to read the comments on that article. I think if I were a woman I'd be there marching whether or not I wished to exercise the rights in question. It would be enough just to oppose all those misogynistic fools.

Jim P said...

What's with this guy? What REAL red blooded American man would complain about a woman going topless in public? None of the construction types that I worked with!