Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Than 1000 Expected for Brighton World Naked Bike Ride

Starting with 160 riders in 2006, the Brighton leg of the World Naked Bike Ride promises to be the largest ever, with over 1000 riders expected. The event will end up at Black Rock naturist beach, which is a wonderful idea to mix the protest with some real naturism. It baffles me why AANR or TNS are not willing to tap in on the enthusiasm of the WNBR, which is peaceful, fun, environmentally kind, and a reflection of the true spirit of naturism. The WNBR is proof positive that public nudity can be a community event, and even the police are escorting and protecting the nude riders.


Rick said...

"even the police are escorting and protesting the nude riders." Did you mean "protecting"?

It's okay. My fingers often type whatever they please.

AANR and TNS seem reluctant to step out of their comfort zone of "traditional" nudism.

Nudiarist said...

Thanks Rick...I had a brain fart there. Correction made!

Paul said...

As far as AANR is concerned, WNBR is not nudity "in an appropriate location," meaning it doesn't take place in a location or manner it can control and use/propagandize to its own greater glory.