Monday, August 06, 2007

The Daily Newds 8/06/07

  • AANR Annual Conference: Over 1000 are expected in Oregon for the 76th annual meeting of the American Association for Nude Recreation.
  • Huntington Beach Vote: The City Council votes tonight on the law to ban public nudity in the town.
  • Czech it Out: Photographer Jan Saudek has taken the largest nude group photo ever in the Czech Republic.
    A total of 134 men and 84 women consented to posing for Saudek. The oldest participant was aged 74.

    On Saudek's orders, the nudes obediently put their arms up and jumped up.

    "I wanted everyone to be in the air, flying," Saudek said, adding that it was a wonderful feeling to photograph so many people at the same time.
  • Hungary for the Good Life: Naturism has been slow to gain acceptance in BalatonberĂ©ny, but the country's first naturist beach celebrated its 20th birthday with a 3 day festival, and plans are underway to build a naturist hotel and a "fishing paradise".
  • Moses Supposes: In an interview, Ken Marino discusses the nudity content in his new film "The Ten Commandments".
    ...there's a lot of gratuitous male nudity in the "honoring the Sabbath" skit. Isn't that a little bit…gay?

    There's something homoerotic about it, sure. But it's not gay. Haven't you walked around your house naked? It's nice, right? Who wouldn't want to do that? There's nothing gay about a room full of naked guys grooving out to Roberta Flack.
  • Catch-22: When Stewart Gerard walked into a North Carolina gallery to view his 24 photographs on exhibit, he found only 22 - the two containing nudity had been put in a closet after someone complained that the images were not appropriate for children.
    (Building owner Mike) Coe said he wishes now that he had not taken the photos down.

    “I just think I was panicking,” he said.

    He was afraid that the complaint would reflect poorly on DADA and possibly discourage people from coming to the district.

    “Art is art whether it’s naked or live or photographed and I had no problem with it until I started getting some heat,” Coe said.
  • Group Hug: 18 anti-war protesters in Australia have been arrested for trespassing and creating a nuisance. Their activities included playing frisbee, dancing the hokey pokey, and embracing each other naked while shouting "make love, not war".

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