Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Weekend Newds 8/04/07

  • Don't Show Me State: A Missouri county has banned all public nudity in businesses and local waters, defined as "showing ... genitals or pubic area with less than a fully opaque covering; or showing the female breast with less than full opaque covering on any part of the nipple."

  • Great White North: 300 nudists are expected to gather this weekend at the Western Canadian Association of Nude Recreation convention.
    "We're here to educate people about the nudist lifestyle," said Tom Dunn, president of WCANR. "We'd like to see more officially sanctioned areas."

    Dunn said nudist culture has made great progress over the years. Nudists aren't likely to be fined while at the beach and new areas are being set up where the lifestyle is allowed by law.

  • Going Mainstream: Sandy Terraces nudist campground on Cape Cod is accepting free reservations on August 18 for those interested in the nude lifestyle.

  • Banned in Boston: An 82 year-old man at a Celtic Pride festival made an impromptu decision to lift his kilt on stage and show people exactly what a Scotsman wears underneath - nothing. Some complained to police and the man was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

  • In His Image: Christian nudists gathered at Cherokee Lodge in Tennessee to celebrate the Lord while wearing only the suits they were born with.
    Cameron (Bennett) and others believe children are natural nudists. They think that kids, much like Adam and Eve, should be free to run nude through the garden, to live their lives without knowing shame—that it would take Satan, or a prudish parent, to plant the idea of shame into their hearts and minds.

    A pack of CNC (Christian Nudist Convocation) kids run around the resort, fighting over Thomas the Tank Engine and playing with flashlights. Except for the occasional pair of pull-up training pants, they’re nude. They scribble with pink sidewalk chalk that smears across their rears and bellies. No one cares if the kids get dirty. They’ll get hosed off later.

    And they appear to be very, very happy. They don’t seem to notice anyone’s nakedness—especially their own—and don’t as much as stare at the fattest of the CNC crew or leer at all that sagging.

    CNC parents think these kids will be better-adjusted adults for it. They subscribe to the mantra that nudism demystifies the body, satiates curiosity about the opposite sex, curbs premarital sex and combats poor body image in children.

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