Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Daily Newds 8/15/07

  • Naughty Bits: The Garden of Eden, a film with a nudist theme, was banned in Britain in 1955, but will finally be shown in all its glory along with several other censored films at the Barbican in London.
  • Oops!: A Florida man stripped down for some sunbathing, but he was not on an nude beach and was seen by a man and his 12 year-old son.
    The two saw the man standing by a blue and pink umbrella talking on his cell phone. The father and son said the man "did not attempt to hide or cover himself from their view and were exposed to the suspect's rear end and genitals," according to the report.
  • Presidential Pecs: Russian President Vladamir Putin has been photographed fishing topfree. Male nipples good.
  • Post Pecs: Morality in Media is criticizing the New York Post for semi-nude photos published recently, one in a Jordache ad and another of Courtney Love, using the harsh terms "garbage" and "bare-breasted broad". Female nipples bad.
  • Mondo Bondage: It's been 100 years since Vogue first coined the word "brassiere".
    Credit for the first brassiere usually goes to Mary Phelps Jacob, a 19-year-old girl-about-Manhattan who, in 1910, bought a sheer evening gown for a party. The whalebone corset that was supposed to define her figure actually poked out of the plunging fabric. What was a girl to do? She and her maid dug two silk hankies out of a drawer, sewed them on to a length of pink ribbon, added some string and tucked her breasts in place. Girlfriends asked if she would make a similar device for them. Then somebody paid her a dollar to do so, and she took the hint.
  • Celebrity Roundup: Avril Lavigne like to run around naked when she's drunk. Jessica Biel finds film nudity "scary" because she's afraid the images will be exploited on the Internet. Ya think?
  • Nudes on the Loose: A New York man who went for a late night skinny dip on Long Island was found seven hours later, still naked and still swimming. A German man was arrested in Naples, Florida, when he removed his swimming trunks on a beach in front of some children. He said that he did not know he was doing something illegal. Three naked men hopped a fence and swiped a hole-marker flag from a golf course in Florida.

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