Monday, August 13, 2007

The Daily Newds 8/13/07

  • Yoga Bare: Dr. Georg Feuerstein says that yoga has "strayed from its core".
    Decrying the fashion parade and sexy outfits in yoga classes, he laments how "modesty, once a highly valued yogic virtue, is considered old-fashioned." He is especially appalled at the concept of nude yoga classes. And he says ancient tantric yoga, which often deals with sexual energy, has been abused by exploitative teachers. It's a criticism he shares with Buddhism's Dalai Lama.
  • Picasso Pantsed: A Georgia comic book owner distributed 2000 free books on Halloween in 2004, and a three year free-speech battle is still being fought. Apparently one of the comics he gave away depicted the artist Pablo Picasso in the nude. After much legal wrangling, the man now goes on trial today and faces two misdemeanor charges of distributing harmful material to a minor.
  • On the Sixth Day: Vincent Pigeon will speak about nudism and the body as God's handiwork to gatherers at the fourth annual Canadian Naturist Festival this week.
    "The aspects of nudity that lead to what Christians would call sin are not really the fault of the state of dress or undress. They have to do with an attitude of mind or misbehaviour. That's the negative side. The positive side involves really proclaiming what is considered to be God's magnificent creation."

    "A lot of naturists believe that not only is there nothing wrong, but there is something very positive about reclaiming that little bit of the Garden of Eden in the way that we don't have to dress."
  • Boob Tube: Los Angeles collector and curator Lenore Claire is hosting a "Golden Gals Gone Wild" art show on Hollywood Boulevard that features a painting of a topfree Bea Arthur as well as images of other TV stars in various states of undress.
    Has the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this show inspired artists to paint other tv stars topless? Do you believe that you have indirectly started a trend?

    Absolutely! I think Chris Zimmerman is already working on a nude "Facts of Life" piece. You know you want to see if Ms. Garret has a Brazillian.
  • Top Ten Topless Beaches: Forbes has a slide show of the best.

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