Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mick Jagger's Daughter is a Naturist

Again, I'm not a big fan or paparazzi photos, but Egotastic has some lovely photos of Jade Jagger on a nude beach. It's just nice to see celebrities (or children of celebrities) enjoying non-sexual nudity.

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Anonymous said...

If your not a fan of paparazzi/voyeurs, then why are you posting this photo?? Plus in June you criticized Tom Mulhall of Terra Cotta Inn for using nude photos take by voyeurs. The two photos on your blog were taken by voyeurs.

"You [Tom] were criticized for using "voyeur" photos taken at nude beaches without the subjects'consent."

Celebrities have a right to be nude as you and I without being photographed.

Just keeping you honest! PS> your blog is one of the best nudist blogs out there, keep it that way.


Nudiarist said...

It's a fair criticism, and well taken; however, the photos of Sienna Miller and Jade Jagger are already in wide circulation and I made the decision to link to them because I feel that nudism needs more high profile celebrities to help promote the lifestyle.

As a matter of legality, a celebrity or anyone else who is nude at a public beach generally does NOT have the right not to be photographed. There has to be a reasonable expectation of privacy in order to be protected from photographers, who have the right to photograph anyone who is in a public place, including children. Most people do not know that.

A year or so ago Jennifer Aniston was photographed topfree on her balcony. The case was settled out of court so we do not know who "won", but the photographer was on public land and asserted his right to take his photos. Aniston succeeded in getting the photos quashed, but it would have been difficult to prove in court that her privacy was violated since she was visible from a public place, even it it took a telephoto lens to see her.

When I use photos myself on the blog I stay away from any pictures that appear to be taken without the subject's consent, but when a celebrity or anyone else makes news by being nude in a public place I will link to the story and/or photos.

Thanks for the comment.