Saturday, November 17, 2007

Introducing The World-Wide Nudist Collaboration Wiki

The Academic Naturist has created an online space for everyone involved in the Free Body Movement - The World-Wide Nudist Collaboration Wiki, or WWNCW.

The WWNCW is a website that anyone can edit, much like Wikipedia, that is ideal for collaboration and crowdsourcing, and appears to be a powerful vehicle to take the nudist or naturist movement into the 21st Century.

Some of the features include a calendar system, a project and task management system, a forum, polls, regional webs, user homepages, and anonymity.

From the press release:
Join In!
The wiki is a powerful tool because it's driven by smart people, and I believe that a large group of smart people can really make a difference in things.

Improve freedom: Nudist lawyers can help out in legal matters, such as lobbying for change or supporting cases where nudity is involved. There is some serious organization involved when trying to change a law -- and the wiki can handle it. (Even if rallies, protests, or abundantly contacting congressmen are involved.)
Improve safety: If your a woman, it would be nice to know in advance if someone you trust will be at the beach. The regulars can keep the beaches safe by volunteering to do patrol and keep an eye on things. This can be scheduled so that everyone knows who they can contact if something happens.
Improve accessibility: Nudist nurses or doctors could arrange to accompany the elderly if they'd like to go and have trouble going. Also, volunteers could escort newbies to the beach or resort if they have some initial fears about going, or at least act as a contact for questions.
Improve knowledge: People know what events are at the clubs, beaches, and resorts, and know what ones their friends will be at -- all without hours of phone calls. This is the easy way to plan the perfect weekend with your friends.
Improve organization: People also know what tasks need to be done, and have the option to help out with matters and voice their opinion.
Improve whatever needs improving: The wiki can flex into whatever you want it to, and handle needs that we can't yet imagine.

Please join in and help out!

- The Academic Naturist, WikiAdmin of
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