Friday, November 09, 2007

The Weekend Newds 11/9/07

  • A college woman realizes that she cannot compete body-wise with porn stars in any relationship. []
  • A college man thinks that pornography can be part of a sexual relationship with someone other than himself. []
  • Naked Rambler Stephen Gough was not allowed to appear naked for a court appearance. "The court is entitled to enforce standards of decency and decorum in the dress and demeanour of those who appear before it." []
  • Sun worshippers in Australia met at a resort for their annual clothes-off.
    One young waitress said that it was a bit daunting for a few minutes when the naked guests first arrived, but after a few minutes she stopped noticing. "I just look them in the face," she said. []
  • Juliette Binoche is quoted as saying, "modeling naked for Playboy was equally an act of universal love as well as a feminist act of militancy to change the world." []
  • A book about naturist Wreck Beach has been determined to be "too risque" to be carried aboard British Columbia ferries. []
  • Charges against an Ohio prosecutor discovered walking about nude late one night in a government building have been dismissed. []
  • A nude sculpture made from thousands of coffee beans is being auctioned for charity. []
  • Lobstermen and children in Maine were distracted by a nude model working outdoors in Ogunquit for art classes on Perkins Cove Rocks - in 1915. []
  • Rather than paying a small fine, a 77 year-old Australian naturist is fighting the charge of willful exposure given to him by constables who said, "I don’t like seeing naked male people in public...It’s offensive. I wouldn’t consider it normal behaviour.” The naturist was sunbathing on an "unofficial" nude beach where police have ignored nude bathers for 25 years. []
  • If you want to go smooth, here is a good overall guide to hair removal. []
  • A mistrial has been declared in the case of the comic book store owner who allegedly gave to a minor a book containing cartoon drawings of a nude Pablo Picasso. []

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