Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Sunday Newds 11/11/07

  • Australians voted Kevin Rudd as the politician they would most like to see in the nude. []
  • A new photography book called "Women Seeing Women" explores how females see themselves, and whether or not women photographers see the female nude differently than men. []
  • A man at a concert was "tased in the ass for a prolonged period of time" because when he was told by security to put on his shirt, he began taking off his pants instead. []
  • A woman in the UK who posed nude for a fundraising rugby calendar described the shoot as follows: ‘It was weird not knowing where to look, but after a few hours noone fluttered an eyelid!" []
  • The Cheeky Chappies nude charity calendar features 12 working class men from Wales. []
  • A California firefighter was suspended for a week for being photographed walking into the fire station wearing only a hat and a tie. []

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Firefighter got suspended because of a joke? God, people have no real sense of humour any more.

But how did his picture got to the TV in the first place? Was that a joke too?