Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad for Nudism

Last night VH1 ran an episode of "New York Goes to Work" where the personality visited The Terra Cotta Inn clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs, California. You can watch it online here.

From the minute owner Tom Mulhall walked out and New York (aka Tiffany Pollard) exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, his wiener is hanging out", it was clear that this was going to be a public relations disaster for nudism.

Tom, I love ya, you run a great resort and your wife Mary Clare is a gem, but what were you thinking? Sure, you might get some extra bookings from the show, but allowing you and your guests to be "censored" on national TV with animated smiley faces and fig leaves was a bad move

"I always thought that good hygiene required pants" was one of New York's "observations", thus perpetuating one of many common myths about the lifestyle. "Your dick is out, I'm sorry, I'm just noticing it" she said as she covered her eyes and looked away. About her job, she exclaimed, "It's just hard to do it with all these old nekkid people around". Holding her head, she cried "Help me help me help me" as if asking God to deliver her from Hell. And she also referred to one rude guest as a "mother****er" when he got irritating. Was this guy a plant from the network, Tom? I hope so, because if he was an actual guest it's speaks poorly for your clientele.

"Your thing is out, like, you're hanging out" New York said as she served breakfast to a guest, as if she's never seen a penis before. There were also several shots of an older gentleman, who was greeted with comical sound effects and rude comments.

The one moment of truth was when New York, an African-American, said that seeing all these nude people was all a huge culture shock for her, thus illustrating all too painfully the lack of racial diversity in the clothes-free lifestyle.

Tom, you were used by VH1, who put an over-the-top comic personality into your midst merely to exploit your resort for cheap laughs. The show did nothing, NOTHING, to put the nudist or naturist lifestyle in a positive light.


And to top it all off, Tom had to fire the woman because she was a ditz and drank on the job, and tore up the $10,000 check in her face, causing New York to storm off in anger , making Tom not only look like a weird California dude, but an asshole as well.

Every dealing I've ever had with Tom and Mary Clare has been terrific. The work hard, run a great resort, and are perhaps the friendliest online nudists you will ever meet. I hope that they can come up with an antidote to the poison pill they were forced to swallow last night.


Anonymous said...

I missed it on TV but as I'm watching it online, I don't know where to begin. I agree that VH1 was the only winner here.

I've never seen any of this series before but I don't believe she's capable of holding down any real job or that anyone would give her a real paycheck.

Anonymous said...

I think New York looked far worse than the indignity that she gave nudism. I also think the badly behaved client was a ringer. Did anyone notice that he was always wearing some sort of towel? I also thought Tom, Mary, and the staff were most respectful the whole time. It really says more about the series than it does about nudism.

Nudiarist said...

Yes, but it's New York's show. Did you she's considered one of the top African-American personalities on television? I think this is her third spinoff. Her fans know her schtick, so they are going to laugh along with her no matter what. It doesn't matter if Tom and crew were respectful, because they got no respect in return, especially from the producers of the show who framed everything around the childish "ewwww" factor of seeing all these naked people, complete with cartoonish sound effects, smiley faces, fig leaves and rude comments from New York.

Tom Mulhall said...


This is Tom Mulhall.

I learn new things all the time.
I have signed a confidentiality agreement about this show, so I won't discuss it as I will honor the agreement.

What I have learned is next time I do a show, I will have in writing what the content and EDITING of a show is to be.

Live and learn.

Nudiarist said...

Tom, let me just add that personally I feel terrible that VH1 did this to you, Mary Clare and all your employees. Everybody makes mistakes, and I'm sure this seemed like a terrific idea when it was presented to you. I learned a long time ago that television producers are not interested in telling the truth, they are after ratings, and will step on anyone when given the chance. I hope that someday I get a chance to stay at the Terra Cotta Inn.

Tom Mulhall said...

This is Tom.

This is a interesting situation.

VH1 ran a commercial about the show before the episode and the commercial was great. We had really high hopes for the show based on the commercial.

Since VH1 demographics are about 20-35 years of age and that group is underrepresented in nudism, we hoped this would be a good vehicle for an introduction to nudism.

With a different edit job, it would have been a good show as there was so much positive about nudism that was covered during the shoot.

One of the best shows about nudism that was shot here was done by Playboy TV of all places last year. They edited their show exactly as they said they would.

The Playboy show has brought in a lot of guests in their early 20's and they already knew nudism is about relaxing and enjoying fun in the sun and not sex from watching the show. So we barely had to screeen and teach them on the phone before booking.

As you say, that's TV.

I hope to meet you too someday.