Sunday, May 03, 2009

Florida County Debates Nude Beaches

Florida may soon see another nude beach, but naturists fear that the ultimate location will be undesirable.
Boca Chica Beach abutting Naval Air Station Key West has become the de facto nude beach in the Lower Keys, as it is secluded and rarely patrolled by sheriff's deputies. However, naturists consider it seedy. Key West naturist Tracy Leigh chooses not to go Boca Chica, as the beach has no bathrooms or facilities and is not well maintained. The beach has gained a reputation as a cruising area for gay men looking to have casual sex. Leigh is lobbying for a safe beach she can go to with her children and grandchildren."Most of the places do not provide for a family and there is no benefit to the community," said Leigh, who added that South Florida Free Beaches raises money for local charities such as AIDS Help, and that clothing-optional beaches provide revenue to municipalities through parking fees.
Florida naturists have proven to be good citizens and deserve a little respect from the people who collect their taxes. On a positive note, the majority of the Monroe County commissioners agree that a nude public beach would be good for tourism, but there are concerns over locating it at Higgs Beach because it would be "difficult to shield naked sunbathers and swimmers from children at the neighboring Astro City Park and pedestrians on the White Street Pier."

This is nonsensical thinking for two obvious reasons. First of all, there is no evidence that the sight of people sunbathing nude on a beach is harmful to any person of any age, and if a person is offended by the sight of nude people, he or she doesn't have to look, and nudists are not going to care if anyone can see them. Secondly, what better way to keep out the undesirables than to make the beach out in the open, thereby ensuring that people are on their best behavior.

I would expect that at first there might be an influx of voyeurs, but once the curious and the kooky begin to realize that there's nothing titillating about a bunch of average nude bodies soaking in the sun, they will crawl back into their lairs.

Keep it out in the open, Florida, it's the only way to keep nude beaches safe for people of all ages.

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Anonymous said...

I wish them luck. I think you're absolutlely right about having a naturist beach in the open. It would show the public that we have nothing to hide and like you said, would deter the undesirables.