Monday, May 11, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/11/09

  • The original Calendar Girls are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their fame by stripping down again.
  • The Boston Herald has an article today on the closing of Eastover Resort and the reaction of Nicky Hoffman Lee, the managing director of The Naturist Society.
    Lee said the event will likely have to leave New England to find a host that can meet its needs. The group might have to go back to a campground-style get-together.
  • The top ten sporting streakers are admired for their naked ambition.
  • A painting of three topless women bathers was banned from a New Zealand art show for being "not appropriate for family viewing."
  • One of the things you definitely don't want at a nudist beach is a crocodile.
  • Another columnist reacts to the virtual strip-searching of airline passengers.
    Industry sources tell us the naked truth is bare butts save bucks, and it won't be long before the government bean-counters are using the strip scanners to replace thousands of security guards.
  • What do you say to a naked lady who knocks on your door in the middle of the night to bum a cigarette?
  • When Peaches Geldof was photographed while enjoying topfreedom at a beach, the photos helped her land a six-figure deal as a lingerie model for Miss Ultimo. "I'd rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model," she stated.
  • Is it theologically correct to equate Hugh Hefner with Pope John Paul II for views on nudity and shame?
  • The Timberline clothing-optional resort is reopening in Tennessee.
  • If your bar hosts an event where women wrestle in a pool of Jell-o, is anyone really surprised if nudity ensues?
  • Katharine Mieszkowski writing in Salon says to stop worrying about your children.
    We don't tolerate sex crimes. There's just much less tolerance of any kind of abuse of kids. Those people are prosecuted very aggressively, to the point where a lot of them are behind bars now. But if other parents aren't letting their kids walk to school, or wait at the bus stop by themselves, if you buck the trend, doesn't that make your kid more vulnerable, because other kids aren't doing it, too? If everyone was doing it, wouldn't there be safety in numbers?
  • The European reality television show which had contestants run nude on Johor Island is under investigation my Malaysian officials for possibly violating cultural sensitivities.
  • An editorial in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin calls for the end of the FCC.
    ...the FCC isn't needed to serve as vulgarity police. The audience has complete control. If people are outraged by certain behavior they won't watch the show or, even more powerful, they will let the advertisers know about their displeasure. The FCC has become an unnecessary government agency that's wasting time and money filing lawsuits over situations viewers can control with an "off" button.
  • Business owners are upset with Myrtle Beach officials who want to turn away hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders who come there each May. The issues are noise, violence, obscenities and nudity.
    "At a time like this, you can't pick and choose the tourists you want. You take the ones who are going to come," said Robert Kelley, who owns three hotels and a restaurant.

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