Thursday, May 07, 2009

Supreme Body Confidence

Amazing performance of the dancer Lisbeth Gruwez, in the play "Quando l'uomo principale è una donna" by the Flemish choreographer Jan Fabre. Held at the Biennale de Lyon (France) in 2004.

One cannot view this video and not be moved. Some will consider it porn, or a strip show, others will consider it high art, exquisite interpretive dance. Whatever you think, or feel, Gruwez expresses total body confidence, a complete lack of inhibition, and an athletic prowess to be envied. The video, in my opinion, is a supreme display of the beauty of the human body, both in form and movement, with an eroticism and power which can only come from complete submission to its potential. Watch and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I was amazed by her energy and the fluidness of her movementss. I found it to quite moving evening if I don't understand it. I didn't find it in any way pornographic or resembling a strip show. I didn't find it erotic either. A nude body exhibiting grace and beauty.

Quy said...

I love the video. This is the best representation of human body. Too bad that we live in a society that is afraid of nudity. Who started this? Probably those religious manipulators. Nothing happens in the African tribes when they live naked. No rape. No indecent exposures. No child porn. But here they can prosecute anybody if one goes naked. We are not civilized yet as long as narrow minded people have the power to suppress others the freedom of expression. Our constitution is useless.

Anonymous said...

In a word BEAUTIFUL! Truly an amazing example of the beauty of the human body in motion. I was mesmerized by her ability to move with such fluidity and grace. I would be interested to know more about the dance surface and the oil (?) used by the dancer.

AT said...

The key to understanding the porn vs art question is to understand that the distinction is in your mind and your mind alone.

Even if she is expressing an erotic theme, the purpose of the show is clearly not to titillate. By definition pornography is intended to cause arousal.

Mature people (not necessarily determined by age!) can curb their arousal when presented with erotically themed but not pornographic material with the knowledge that arousal will probably inhibit their ability to appreciate it in a way that, while not objectively superior, is in this context preferable.