Monday, May 04, 2009

If You Have a Nude Photo of Your Baby, the Government Might Consider You a Child Pornographer

This unsettling story from Reason Magazine tells the sad tale of a grandmother who was roughly arrested after taking a photo of her granddaughter with "bare butt showing".
...if you don't want to get arrested and charged for taking nude photos of your infant or toddler, make sure you know what criteria your local prosecutor uses when navigating that "gray area" between a cute butt and a criminally alluring one (note: you probably don't want to actually pose this question to him). Also, if you find yourself under investigation after dropping off a roll of film at the CVS, you might want to bake the prosecutor some cookies, since it appears that his "gut" will be the final arbiter of whether you're a doting parent or an accused child pornographer.


Jim H said...

I believe this may have been in my area, because just today there was an article on a local newspaper website that the case has been dropped after eighteen months. The local DA is generally a dimbulb with a high reveral rate for the same mistakes, but even he realized he did not have a case, although he used language to try to make it appear that there might have been some justification for waiting so long. Apparently he gave the case intense study (stared at the photo).

Jim H said...

Here is the web site