Friday, May 08, 2009

The Weekend Newds 5/8/09

  • Since Spencer Tunick's Irish installation will not be exhibited in that country, the work will be put on a web site beginning on June 8 and lasting four months.
  • A secluded clothes-free beach in California is being threatened by illicit sexual activity solicited on Craigslist.
  • "When Breastfeeders Attack" is must reading.
  • A California music teacher will not be charged for allegedly possessing child porn on his work computer. Although police have provided no details, my hunch is that the images were of a naturist variety.
  • A former prosecutor called the felony conviction of an Ohio man "a misuse of the computer hacking law." Richard Wolf was fired from his position at a wastewater treatment plant after a nude self-portrait was discovered on his computer, leading to an investigation which found he uploaded the images to the Adult Friend Finder in order to connect with women. Had he been buying crap on eBay, he would have probably received a slap on the wrist, but once human sexuality enters the mix, it becomes a felony. Sure the guy was wrong and stupid to use a work computer, but if being a lonely guy looking for sex is a crime, then they had better start rounding up half the country.
  • An Australian woman is entering a painting of a nude man in a local art show in order to challenge a new "sensitive art policy."
    “Let’s see what they do with it,” she said of her nude entry.“If they knock that back they don’t even know what art is.”
  • Tennessee State Attorney General Bob Cooper warned that a proposed "saggy pants" bill could be unconstitutional.
  • 13000 people signed an online protest, forcing a British department store to stop charging customers more for oversized bras.
    The campaign on Facebook was started by Beckie Williams, 26, who wears a 30G bra, after Marks and Spencer failed to respond to her complaints about the STG2 ($A4) extra charge on bras bigger than a DD cup. The group, Busts 4 Justice, condemned the policy as "criminally unfair" and urged "busty ladies" to "join forces to end this blatant discrimination".
  • New Hampshire has become the latest state calling for censorship on Craigslist.
  • The Washington Post covers the teen sexting issue.
    Sexters are often "the good kids," police said, with strong grades, involved parents and no criminal history. Many send photos without grasping that they could be widely circulated or posted on the Internet in view of strangers, predators and potential colleges and employers.
  • The discovery of a cache of nude photos in a Texas city hall will likely not lead to any charges against the former employee. When contacted about the self portraits the man reportedly took the news in "good humor."
  • Time Out New York has a nice little article about nude artists' models, with both clothed and unclothed photographs.
  • Vietnamese "nudist" body painters are pursuing their art with passion, but still face great prejudice in a country where the line between art and photography is very thin.
  • A German coastal town is fighting swinger sex on a secluded nude beach.
  • The AANR Word Record Skinny-Dip on July 11 is very poorly organized. Just go to this link and try getting any meaningful information. UPDATE: If you have a Facebook account, there is a group set up here.
  • An article on modesty touches upon the issue of nudity in the home.
  • An unemployed English woman says her ideal job would be as a "topless motivational speaker."
  • Apple is rejecting a newspaper app for the iPhone due to the fact that topless "Page Three" women are included.
  • The nominees for the 1st Annual Naked News Awards have been announced.
  • A nude calendar with strategically placed fruit over some body parts is being planned to boost tourism in Australia.


Anonymous said...

Regarding AANR's skinny-dip record attempt. I really don't see how they can pull it off. AANR claims to have about 50,000 members and about 250 clubs. (Their Facebook page say 270 locations.) There are only a handful of "legally sanctioned" nude beaches in the US. The goal is 1 million skinny-dippers. Essentially, every AANR member would need to bring 20 friends, maybe fewer to the resorts and a lot more to the beaches. I don't think there's enough room in the pools.

I haven't seen much useful information anywhere. According to the Facebook page, the event guide has gone out to the clubs, for what that's worth.

I suspect that it's a lot of hype. I can't see any club letting in enough guests. I think it would be a logistical nightmare for most clubs, especially the smaller ones.

For what it's worth, I'm planning to go to Cedar Trails that day, not for the record necessarily but because I've been wanting to visit.

Academic Naturist said...

I've talked to a source for this record attempt. AANR is organizing it in collaboration with TNS's Nude Recreation Weekend. I don't know if they're organizing a specific time for everyone to head for the water -- but that would be bad since many venues have small pools.

I think the goal is to do a head-count on that day and report the number to either AANR or TNS. So some AANR/TNS member will be at every beach or venue to do the count.

Since this is on Nude Recreation Weekend, a date that both AANR and TNS push as the best time to try some nude recreation, they might just get the numbers they are hoping for. Mazo Beach's Nude Olympics happen that day, with tons of games, nice prizes, and free food, so we'll probably get many hundreds of people counted in the record attempt. The biggest festivities at every public beach are planned for that day, and a lot of venues have events planned also.

All-in-all, it's certainly for publicity. I'm sure there will be headlines no matter what number we get, and it'll be a good thing.

Nudiarist said...

I'm not saying it's not a good idea, it's just poorly organized. About the only people with access to information are those with Facebook accounts. I don't know, it just pains me to see such poor communication and organization from naturist and nudist organizations.

Academic Naturist said...

I just talked with another source... The new information, that I might've missed in other articles, is that the counts need to be notarized. If we did a count at the beach, we couldn't take it anywhere to be notarized because then they can't verify it. And what notary would want to go to the beach and have their name on that document? Yet another thing that seems fishy...

AANR is also known to really stretch the truth for good publicity. Here's my prediction: AANR will get publicity for announcing a number, but the world record will either fail or be a smaller number for some random reason. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes. I'll certainly be checking in to whatever statistics they provide.

Also, you know those word verifications that we have to type to post a comment? Mine says "mating". I had to take a screenshot... What are the chances of that happening? (1 in 217,167,790,528 if my calculations are correct.)