Friday, July 03, 2009

FBI Investigating North Carolina Nudist Resort

WITN News reports that North Carolina District Attorney Scott Thomas and the FBI are looking into the Jasmine Trail Nudist Campground "where kids are naked with adults, and the campground's website that shows pictures of naked kids."
Thomas says his office is looking into whether any state laws like indecent exposure or exploitation are being broken. He's also asked the FBI to take a look at the Jasmine Trail website and advertisements to see if any federal laws are being violated.

Another big concern is the possibility that places like Jasmine Trail could attract pedophiles. Thomas says, "When you have children involved and children being exposed to other adults and certainly other adults not even related and they're there with no clothes on it certainly, in my mind, raises a security issue and safety issue for the child."
Thomas says he wants new legislation to ban children from nudist venues. AANR is defending the resort.
American Association for Nude Recreation spokeswoman, Carolyn Hawkins, says there is nothing inappropriate, lewd, sexual, or perverted about what's going on. "Having a child at a nudist resort...It's just one of the, in my opinion, one of the greatest things that I've ever done in my life. My children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren are all nudists."
It needs to be said up front and clearly that there are NO COMPLAINTS against Jasmine Trail, this is entirely a manufactured controversy by an overzealous attorney general who is not interested in the law, but in furthering his own political career.

Be sure to watch the video here from WITN TV, which treats the subject like Chris Hansen entrapping child predators on Dateline, with the reporter standing outside the resort saying that the owners refused to talk to him. AANR spokesperson Carolyn Hawkins in a phone interview is no match for DA Thomas and Human Services Director Bob Johnson, who are interviewed on camera expressing their concerns about "fit" parents and conflicted children. Johnson says that in an ideal world family nudism would be OK, but that in a realistic world such activity is bad.
"We would have to look at the area from the standpoint of neglect and I think it would be a very easy case to prove."
This has been coming for some time now, with increased hysteria over pedophiles, child pornography, and teen sexting. Make no mistake here - with the involvement of the FBI, these people intend to bust the owners and members of Jasmine Trail for child exploitation, neglect, indecent exposure and child pornography, which would be the beginning of the end for all family nudist venues.

Take children out of nudism, and you kill nudism. Simple as that. This is Mark Foley all over again, but this time with the FBI involved, and in a region of the country which might be more willing to condemn nudism. In the minds of these public officials, and through the damning television report, the people at Jasmine Trail have already been found guilty.

NOTE: It appears that all photographs of children have been removed from the Jasmine Trail website, which is tantamount to an admission of guilt. Morley Schloss and Sunsport Gardens are about the only ones left in naturist cyberspace willing to post photos of children engaging in wholesome nude recreation.

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