Saturday, July 04, 2009

Update on San Onofre

Allen Baylis of Friends of San Onofre reports that he spoke with Ken Kramer, California State Park District Superintendent for the Orange Coast District, and he reports that no citations for nudity will be issued for the remainder of the summer; however, the department intends to replace the "nudity prohibited" signs and conduct a public educational campaign for enforcement next year.

It seems to me that this is the time for TNS, the NAC and AANR to all get on the same page here and organize a massive display of support for San Onofre Beach. On July 12 there will be a beach cleanup and barbecue, and people are encouraged to attend and show support for proper behavior.

If San Onofre is to be saved, it will be from a groundswell of support, and not from further court action. While I supported the NAC in its efforts to keep San Onofre open, which basically bought naturists two more seasons of freedom, it appears the time has come to pursue other means of fighting the battle.

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