Saturday, July 04, 2009

Coming Out of Her Shell

Columnist Laura Leyrer overcomes her phobias and spends a day at Turtle Lake Nudist Resort in Michigan.
What I did experience at this nudist resort was the most incredible sense of acceptance and freedom than I'd found anywhere else. At a nudist resort, people don't care if you're wealthy or beautiful or powerful. Ironically, nudists care more about the person within your skin than the skin itself. Maybe it's because you see so much of it that, in a very short period of time, it just doesn't matter anymore. In my experience, the people at nudist resorts have been universally kind and thoughtful, considerate and welcoming. The people at Turtle Lake were happy to provide directions and advice. Within the first twenty minutes of my stay, I was invited to a community dinner and a water volleyball game. Both men and women seemed delighted to meet me and were easy to laugh and enjoy relaxed conversation.
This is exactly the sort of terrific PR that nudism needs. I encourage all of you reading this post to go and post a comment on Laura's article to show your support.

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