Friday, August 21, 2009

AANR Suspends Paradise Lakes Resort

AANR suspended Paradise Lakes Resort in Florida over an advertisement for a "Miss G-String International" contest, contending that such an event was contrary to the organization's family-friendly principles. When notified of the suspension, resort owner John Forier withdrew membership altogether.
The Paradise Lakes investigation determined that the resort's management had "increasingly sexualized the nudist experience" by advertising and marketing the G-string contest, AANR said.

The resort opened in 1981. Hawkins characterized Paradise Lakes as a longtime member or the organization. She said she has worked for AANR nearly 20 years and doesn't recall any previous investigations at Paradise Lakes.
The sexing-up of nudist resorts continues, no doubt due in part to the pervasiveness of pornography in our culture, and to many traditional nudist resorts no longer pack enough of a thrill to keep up the attendance.

I've said many times that I have no problem with people engaging in whatever mutual sexual activity they desire, just don't call it nudism, or naturism. Also, the danger facing these adult-oriented clothing-optional resorts is that they will soon be drawing the attention of public officials who will no doubt seek to regulate them as adult entertainment establishments. This is precisely why AANR did the right thing by suspending this club.

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