Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Tampa is gross"

That's the conclusion of one writer regarding the AANR sanctions and subsequent withdrawals from the organization by Caliente, and now Paradise Lakes Resort. No good will come from any of this sexing-up nonsense of once-respectable nudist resorts.

More bad PR for nudism is here. "So much for social, family nude recreation."

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Tom Mulhall said...

Don't paint all nudist resorts in Tampa as gross and sexual. There is still Lake Como which is very nice and has wonderful members and guests.

They and Cypress Cove in Orlando are how nudist resorts in Florida should be.

Nudiarist said...

Tom, those aren't my words, it's how some writers are beginning to view the entire nudist industry in Florida. The average person still thinks that something sexual is going on at nudist "colonies", and the situations at Caliente and Paradise Lakes has damaged the reputations of all nudist resorts. Of course I know there are still some fine resorts like Lake Como, but tell that to the general public.