Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guns and Boobs

I'm sorry, but this is really one fucked-up country. I don't like to use expletives, but this issue requires it. An 18 year-old girl in Keene, New Hampshire, topless with a handgun holstered to her hip, was arrested for indecent exposure during a protest with other armed people affiliated with the Free State Project.
In an online video of Nicosia’s protest and arrest, she explains why she decided to go topless in public.

“I chose to do it because this is one of the most important issues to me is equality … men can walk down the street … and, you know, not get harassed at all but yet somehow this is dirty,” she says.
New Hampshire's state motto is "Live free or die". It's absolutely astounding that New Hampshire does not require residents to have permits on openly carried firearms, but the mere act of baring a breast can land a woman in jail. This is the heart of the topfree movement, it's not about getting women to take off their tops, it's not about immature males drooling over naked breasts, it's about the decriminalization of the femalel breast, and that if men have the right to take off their shirts, then a woman should have the same right. Arresting women for exposing nipples is misogynistic, irrational, cruel, unnecessary, and just plain stupid.

New Hampshire Courtroom Legal Opposition Group
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pammie said...

Great post! Yes, NH prides itself on being different and superficially more free than the other states.

Somehow I missed it -- until today-- that you're back to blogging!


Anonymous said...

I think for a state that prides itself on freedom this is total BS.
I am very proud that this young woman had the guts to take a stand for her rights.

Anonymous said...


I have a libertarian bent, so I support pretty much anything one cares to do that doesn't impinge on the liberties of others.

While I concur with your outrage over this silly arrest, I'm not sure why you feel it necessary to want to deprive others of their explicit constitutional right to bear arms.

Isn't liberty about allowing others to pursue activities that you yourself may not choose?

Nudiarist said...

I never said, and I never implied, that people should be denied their constitutional rights. I am only making a comparison between guns and boobs. It's completely absurd that people are allowed to carry weapons which can actually kill people, but society is so twisted that the female breast is perceived as being dangerous to society. The ownership of guns is protected by the second amendment and is not, by itself, an absurdity.

Jim P said...

Carrying a gun on your hip in the open is legal in most states and no permits are required. I wish the ladies in the state of New Hampshire success in their legal battle over the right to go topless.

thomas said...

I guess I have to go for the obvious "Use boob, go to jail". Maybe that will be the new motto on NH license plates.