Sunday, August 02, 2009

An Open Letter to Tom Mulhall

Tom Mulhall reports that he has been elected to the AANR West Board of Directors. I wholeheartedly congratulate him on this well-earned honor.

Tom and his wife Mary Clare are experts in public relations and have made their Terra Cotta Inn clothing-optional resort a model for success in the nudist industry. They are by far the most enthusiastic and friendly spokespersons in the industry, qualities which they will no doubt bring to AANR.

In his announcement, Tom writes:
If people have questions about AANR, feel free calling me at 800-786-6938. If you want me to bring something up to the board, let me know.
OK, I'll bite.

It's no secret that I have been critical of AANR's failure to support the NAC's initiatives in trying to save the clothing-optional status of a section of San Onofre Beach. It is my opinion that by ignoring the legal front and attempting to come to some sort of "deal" with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, AANR has not only thrown San Onofre Beach under the bus, it has endangered the status of all clothing-optional beaches on state lands. AANR is blaming the NAC's lawsuit for creating the hostile atmosphere, but the real truth of the matter is that the DPR made a unilateral decision to ban nudity at San Onofre, would not bargain with the NAC, and left no alternative but to sue to protect nudist and naturist rights.

I would hope, Tom, that as a private business owner with a successful resort, that you will not forget the public lands issue. There is a common belief out there that AANR is deliberately sabotaging the public beaches because it will drive more people into private AANR affiliated resorts like the Terra Cotta Inn.

I don't subscribe to this misconception. From my point of view, the more public lands are set aside for nude recreation, the more people will become accepting, and overall participation will increase. In Florida, the creation of Haulover Beach appears to have contributed to a boom in private resorts throughout that state, and now Key West is looking for its own clothing-optional beach in order to increase tourist revenue. Crowded nude beaches means crowded nude resorts.

The banning of nudity on public lands in California only serves to propagate the myth that nude recreation obscene and dangerous and should be made illegal. Nudist resorts are always at risk from government encroachment and could be next.

I humbly suggest that you keep in mind that in accepting a board position with AANR you are representing all of the hard-working dues-paying members who all share the same basic philosophies that wholesome family-friendly nude recreation should be a basic human right, and not just for people who can afford expensive resort vacations.

I also suggest that you help to find some way to secure greater cooperation from AANR with TNS, NAC and local free beaches associations in helping to protect naturist rights.

I wish you great success in your new position with AANR West, as well as continued success to you and Mary Clare at the Terra Cotta Inn.

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