Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nude Model Arrested, Film at 11

More evidence of our stupid society.

A nude model posing for photographer Zach Hyman was arrested for stripping down at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It appears to have been some sort of pre-arranged sting, with police ready to pounce at the moment of disrobing, and an NBC video crew on hand ready to roll.
Today 30 seconds wasn't enough time as police busted up the shoot -- an event, which was captured exclusively by a camera rolling for The footage will also be shown on News 4 New York at 11, so stay tuned for exclusive footage.
So, arrest the model, and then promote the event on television for mass consumption. Model KC Neill was charged with public lewdness.

Certainly Hyman has been expecting trouble since he carries around bail money and employs a lookout, but a lewdness charge seems extreme unless the model was making some sexually explicit poses.

No word on whether NBC news will be brought up on charges of distributing lewd images.

Hyman's web site is here.

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