Saturday, August 22, 2009

British Naturism Seeks Equality Protection Under the Law

In a bold and potentially historic move, British Naturism has submitted a claim to the Government Equalities Office which contends that "devotees of skinny dipping and nudist campsites suffer prejudice equivalent to that experienced by gays, ethnic minorities and the elderly."
It is urging the government and other authorities to make “affirmative statements” in favour of naturism and combat the financial penalties endured by those who pursue clothes-free leisure pursuits. Entry to naturist nights at council swimming pools is often twice as expensive as admission on other nights...British Naturism’s submission was one of those selected for display on the website of the equalities office alongside work by Stonewall, the gay rights group, Age Concern and the Runnymede Trust, which campaigns for racial equality
The National Equality Panel report will be published in November.

In the United States, people who oppose public lands to be set aside for nude sunbathing often make the comment that the beaches should be for "everybody", and that somehow the presence of nude people suddenly makes a beach restricted. In fact, this argument is prejudicial, and a society which denies equal access to tax-paying citizens who merely wish to enjoy nature without the burden of clothing is guilty of discrimination.

Nudists and naturists should pay close attention to the British Naturism action, which could prove to be a model for other initiatives around the world.

The complete equality bill which was submitted in June 2009 can be found here.

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