Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brattleboro Rejects Nudity Ban

In a stunning turn of events, the Brattleboro Selectboard has voted down an ordinance banning public nudity, after a proposed amendment to strike out the words "breasts" and "buttocks" was passed. The swing vote in the Vermont town went to Dick DeGray who said that he could not vote for anything but the original ordinance.
For (Dora) Bouboulis, a strong opponent of the ordinance, said it was about rights, and that it wouldn't matter if even 99.9 percent of residents supported it, it is not up to the board to restrict those rights.

"We in this country are going down a slippery slope these days," she said. She also stated that a headline from a national newspaper that ran an article about the emergency ordinance read "Tolerant town gets intolerant." She doesn't want to see a town that has to put more and more legislation on the books to try and become a good place to live.
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Rick said...

I'm glad to see that reason prevailed. The weather in Vermont will be cooling off soon and the whole thing will become a nonissue again. Let's hope that next summer they won't have idiots flaunting the lack of restrictions and abusing the legality of being nude. Just because it's legal doesn't imply that it OK to do it.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the logic of "just because it's legal doesn't imply that(sic) it(sic) OK to do it." If something is legal, but doing it will result in arrest or the passing of a law, isn't it then, by default, already illegal and aren't we being coerced into policing and censoring ourselves? If we truly believe that our bodies are not obscene, I feel that we can not abuse the legality of being nude in a non-sexual nature.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who finds a person's natural body objectionable, besides being irrational, also is (if they're christian, anyway), blaspheming, since we're supposed to be made in god's image. I'll take nude people over government intrusion into people's basic rights ANY time, hands down.