Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mirror Site for This Blog

As a temporary solution to the Google censorship of this blog, I have set up a mirror blog at The mirror blog will contain no images of nudity. I can only presume that Google added the content warning page to this blog due to my posting non-pornographic images of nudists and naturists. Hopefully it's still OK to discuss nudism and naturism without getting censored. Anyway, this is a temporary solution to at least keep my posts being indexed by search engines and catalog sites. Thanks to all for your patience during this transition.

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Rick said...

I hope you're able to find a permanent solution soon. TBN's blog also has a warning page and I'm not aware of any nude images there.

I'm also looking at leaving blogger and hosting my blog myself.

BlackPeter said...

Will your mirror blog contain links to view pictures? I enjoy reading "news of the nude", if you will, but sometimes, you need an accompanying photo to bring across a point, so I would hate to see them leave altogether. Thanks for your hard work!