Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Daily Newds 1/16/08

  • At nudist events, there is no sex, but at swinger's clubs, there is apparently no nudity. []
  • A new book explores the history of Germany's Weimar Republic following World War I, which includes the rise of nudism.
    The (nude) grandmothers on the beach can be explained by Weitz’s report on the cultish fascination that arose in Weimar Germany over the nude and healthy body. With its proto-fascistic rumblings about a vigorous return to nature and the purity of the German soul, mixed with vaguely Hellenistic ideals about the perfect human form, open-air nudism was both a social and political statement. []
  • Rachel Bilson recently said that she would never take off her clothes for a movie, but apparently she believes it's OK to pose on all fours in her underwear for GQ magazine. [egotastic]
  • A Malaysian rock singer has apologized for taking off his shirt during a televised concert.
    8TV's chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar said he was shocked by Faizal's actions and that the station would ban him from appearing on the channel until it was certain he would adhere to its guidelines. "8TV demands all artists appearing on its programs to present a positive and healthy image contributing to the highest quality in entertainment," Ahmad said in a statement, [Antara News]
  • "Free Da Fuzz" is the battle cry of Parkland High School students who have raised $300 in support of a fellow student who they feel was unfairly punished for streaking a crowded gym wearing only a strategically placed sock. []
  • A woman is suing Mesa County over the fact that nude photos that were mailed to her incarcerated husband were distributed among the jailers. []
  • An Alabama art show has awarded the top prize to a nude study because of its "wow factor". []
  • Britney Spears shocked workers at a Los Angeles clothing store when she emerged from a dressing room stark naked. [The National Ledger]
  • Queen Elizabeth is enforcing a strict dress code at this year's Royal Ascot horse racing meet.
    A royal source revealed: "Ascot has been overrun with tattoos, inappropriate attire and bare flesh in recent years.

    "The queen has noticed these things and she doesn't like them. She knows it is something that goes on across the country, but Ascot is her course and she can impose her will there." [m&c]
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