Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Open Letter to the NAC Regarding Liz Book

Dear Naturist Action Committee,

Thank you for responding to my last post about topfreedom. I do appreciate that you have been working closely with Liz Book on her struggle for topfree equality.

I would like to know specifically what you have planned to support Liz on March 8 for her International Women's Day Top-Free Stand.

I am ready to send a contribution today, and will urge all my readers to do the same, if you will be actively involved in organizing mass support for Liz on that day. Without mass support, Liz will likely face another arrest.

I look forward to your response.


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1 comment:

Academic Naturist said...

In talking with someone close to NAC, I found that they didn't respond to this post because of the request to organize mass support. She was never arrested as you (and I) expected, and I believe that NAC knew she wouldn't be. They HAVE done numerous things to help her out when she needed it over the years, but I don't have a list of these things. A representitive was there on the bridge with her during one (or more?) of her earlier protests. So they did help her out, but didn't want to spend the time listing it all here. I'll add more if I find out any other details.