Thursday, September 10, 2009

AANR Further Retreats on San Onofre

When faced with adversity, some dogs strike back, while others run away with their tails between their legs. While NAC fights for naturist rights at San Onofre in the courts, and its members prepare for a day of civil disobedience on Sunday, AANR has chosen to run away like a cowardly cur.
It is important that individuals be aware that a misdemeanor citation can often have long-term consequences and to make their decisions regarding recreating at San Onofre accordingly.

California Parks is stressing that this change in managing nudity in its parks is being limited to San Onofre. Individuals who are aware of any actions that differ from this should report this information to the AANR office at 800/Try-Nude immediately so we can address this with California Parks.

AANR continues to have ongoing discussions with high-level representatives of California Parks to look for long-term answers to protect our rights to reasonable access to public lands for nude recreation in the California Parks system.
More appeasement, more laying down, more blind trust in authorities who have no interest whatsoever in naturist rights. It's reprehensible. Naturists are gathering this Sunday to protest the anti-nudity ordinance at San Onofre, and AANR not only refuses support, it advises its members to stay away.

It's time for AANR to provide some hard evidence of these "ongoing discussions" with Parks representatives, otherwise these claims of progress and negotiations are nothing but hot air. The California Department of Parks and Recreation officials must be having a good laugh at how easily they were able to mislead AANR to the point where they just laid over and played dead.

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thomas said...

The AANR guy is starting to sound like Neville Chamberlain

Jim P said...

I believe the AANR is only looking out for its own interests. It doesn't want people to be able to have public areas that our tax dollars support available for nude recreation, just for its members to "hide" behind closed areas.