Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Columnist Belittles Topfreedom Movement

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One only has to read this column to realize that the women's topfreedom movement exists in order to counter the immature attitudes and actions of men.
From my vantage point, there were only a dozen or so women who were nearly nude on top — I say "nearly" because they all wore pasties to prevent any actual toplessness. So basically, National Go- Topless Day was more like National Gawking-Men Day.

The men, by the way, were not topless themselves, for which I was grateful, as some of them had bodies the shape of meatloaf. By "meatloaf," I mean both the food and the singer.

The organization behind the rally is the Raelian Movement, which, according to the literature they handed out, "recognizes that life on Earth was created by advanced extraterrestrial scientists." So no, the whole "Go-Topless" thing is not the craziest idea they've ever come up with.
Naturally, this "writer" goes on to further ridicule the Raelian movement, which illustrates the problem with having a marginal UFO cult aligning itself with a serious equality issue.

The columnist goes on to say:
Somehow, seeing women dressed seemed sexier to me than seeing topless women marching down the street with a guy exhorting them with a bullhorn, but I guess it is all a matter of personal taste.

"Personal taste" has nothing to do with it, but this line does show that the criminalization of women's breasts in our society has nothing to do with equality, or civil rights, but more with the immature mental state of the American male.

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Immaturity has nothing to do with it.