Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Must Reading

If you haven't already read "Guerrilla Naturism" by The Academic Naturist, do so right now. TAN explains what needs to be done in changing the culture, to increase public awareness of the naturist movement, and make nude recreation more palatable for the masses.

As TAN notes, an article in NUDE AND NATURAL way back in 1992 effectively outlined what challenges needed to be met, and accurately predicted how nudism and naturism transformed over the past two decades. Problem is, while body freedom activities increased, national nudist and naturist organizations remained static.

Just go read "Guerrilla Naturism", then read it again, and then pass it along to some friends. It's a blueprint for success, well researched and outlined, and should be picked up by AANR and TNS as recommended reading for all members.

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