Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Than 100 Protest at San Onofre

The Orange County Register reports that over 100 nude protesters gathered today at California's San Onofre Beach, and no citations were issued.
The rally comes nearly a week after officials started enforcing a ban on nudity. For more than a year, the state Department of Parks and Recreation said they would start citing nude sunbathers after Labor Day weekend at the traditionally clothing-optional beach.

The state's move came after more than a year of legal wrangling and an appellate court ruling in its favor. The nudists have appealed to the state's Supreme Court, asking the court for a hearing.

More than a hundred people gathered on the beach Sunday with signs denouncing the state's crackdown on public nudity at Trail 6.

When asked whether the protest may make an impact, the group's leader answered.
"It shows the Parks Department that we're not willing to go away," said Allen Baylis, who is a Huntington Beach attorney.


Anonymous said...

100 people, that's all?????? 100 people aren't going to change anyone's mind; especially, a government agency such as the State Parks Department or the State of California. Maybe a 1000.

It would have been nice if AANR would support these beach goers instead of hiding in their clubs.

Jim P said...

I agree with anonymous. If 1000 people showed up,it would have made a difference. Looks like the AANR and the state of California have accomplished their goal.

Academic Naturist said...

I admit that I also said "100? That's all?" My only question is: How does that compare to a normal day? It might be double what the beach normally sees.

Either way, how can you conclude that AANR/DPR has won? There have been no known citations issued, which the DPR has been threatening for months. I consider that a victory for naturists. They made threats, we stood up to them, and they have backtracked on those threats.

Nudiarist said...

100 people willing to risk a citation and a permanent public record of civil disobedience is pretty decent. Sure, one would have hoped the number to be higher, but without AANR's support it was bound to be a somewhat disappointing turnout. As The Academic Naturist noted, it's still a victory of naturists because the state of California backed down.