Thursday, September 03, 2009

Laura Leyrer Throws Nudism Overboard

"Detroit Nudist Adventures Examiner" Laura Leyrer has continued her descent into adult lifestyles recreation with her latest column touting a French Nude Cruise, which has an affiliation with Caliente Resorts, recently outed by AANR as having ties with swingers groups.

This is not the sort of promotion needed by nudist and naturist groups. There is nothing wrong with adult cruises, or swingers groups, but AANR, TNS and the NAC must distance themselves from those who seek to sell sex vacations under the guise of nudism and naturism.

I really don't know what motivaed Ms. Leyrer to turn from family-friendly nudist activities to hedonistic vacations. She showed such promise in her early writings, too.

I encourage all readers to post comments on Ms. Leyrer's articles urging her to stop promoting adult lifestyle resorts and travel agencies under the guise of nudism.

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