Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember Those Fabulous Fifties?

Maybe they weren't so fabulous after all. This story is from 50 years ago:
A 63-year-old Bay Street novelty shop owner was arrested at his store after a “raiding party” seized a large quantity of photographs, literature and gadgets described as pornographic.

Frank T. Tracey, operator of the novelty shop at 437 W. Bay St., was released from the Duval County jail under $2,500 bond on charges of possession and sale of pornographic material. The raid was triggered when Duval County Solicitor Lacy Mahon Jr. filed direct information against Tracey the day before.

Minutes before County Vice Squad agents entered the store, an undercover agent had purchased two “lewd books” from Tracey, officers said. The raid was conducted by Lt. Jim Hamlin and Deputy Al Rowland of the sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division with the aid of an unidentified agent.

Hamlin and Rowland uncovered several “lewd motion picture films, pornographic playing cards, a large number of pictures, books, pamphlets and gadgets.”

Tracey exploded vocally several times during the search of the premises and bellowed, “If I had to make a living like you guys I’d shoot myself.”

During the search Rowland removed several bottles of liquor from a cabinet and asked Tracey if he was selling it.

“Of course not. It belongs to a motorcycle cop who comes in every once in a while for a nip,” said Tracey.

He volunteered that many of the books on nudism on display under a sandwich counter had been shown to Mahon previously.


thomas said...

I'm not sure we have come all that far in 50 years. Sure the laws have changed some but the attitudes haven't changed very much. This story bears a striking resemblance to the coffe shop story

Anonymous said...

Remember the 1950s? Racism, sexism, and very oppressed.


Jim P said...

I remember that era very well. I grew up in the north, so racism wasn't as prevalent. I believe many peoples attitudes have changed some due to literature, movies and court decisions. There is still a long ways to go.