Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Still Under Construction

What's going on with the Buckeye Naturists and their web site? Since June it has been "under construction" with no phone number, no mailing address, no information, just an advisory that things are still unfinished.

Among the few items on the "to do" list are "events data system" and "logo figure shading". How about some actual "content"?

TBN has not had a fully functional web site for years. Nudism is a laid back lifestyle, but this is ridiculous. Any semi-competent person using a web page design program can put together a decent web site in an hour or less.

TBN would be better off ditching the web site altogether instead of presenting this half-baked junk to the public. Such displays of incompetence and apathy are harmful to nudists and naturists everywhere.

Sorry to rant, but this just irritates the hell out of me.

UPDATE: It appears that the other formal Columbus nudist club, Have Sun Will Travel, is also having web site difficulties.

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