Monday, September 21, 2009

The Stripper and the Priest

This story is bound to end up as a made-for-TV movie.

A Catholic priest walks into a strip joint, spends $1800 in the VIP room, begins dating the married stripper, pays for her divorce, moves in with her, and tells her that swinging with other women will help to dispel her evil spirits.

A romance made in heaven.

But what was the final straw, the one sordid request which made her see that this relationship was destined for the dumpster?
He then pressured her to go to a nudist colony in Palm Beach. She grew so uncomfortable that she realized she needed to leave him.
Oh, come on. She was a stripper screwing a priest!

Apparently the "nudist colony" request wasn't the ultimate deal breaker, because after breaking up with the priest, and receiving a $100,000 settlement from the church, she went back with him and had his child.

The whole story is pretty sordid, and nobody has a lot of credibility.

The reporter's name is Jim DeFede, and his e-mail is All nudists and naturists are encouraged to politely point out to Mr. DeFede that referring to nudist resorts as "colonies" is a pejorative, and that AANR and TNS affiliated clubs are family-friendly. There has to be constant push-back against these media misrepresentations of nudism and naturism.

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