Thursday, September 03, 2009

Laura Leyrer Recommends Hedonism

In a disappointing move, Detroit Nudist Adventures Examiner Laura Leyrer has recommended the adult lifestyle resorts Hedonism II and III as viable travel options. These are not nudist venues, they are clothing-optional couples clubs which attract swingers. I have nothing against these adult resorts, just don't call then "nudist."

AANR has just recently lost two Florida resorts, Caliente and Paradise Lakes, because those venues crossed the line into overt sexual activities, exploiting the human body instead of celebrating it.

AANR President John Kinman writes:
This past summer, AANR sponsored The AANR World Record Skinny-Dip. Club owners and beach organizers reported that many people participated who had never before been nude in mixed company. The press reports were the greatest we have ever seen for an event. Clubs signed up new members. The event portrayed wholesome family nude recreation. No one confused it with a strip show or a swinger convention. The event told me that, with focused marketing, our resorts and AANR can grow in membership without a sexual tone.
AANR has drawn a line in the sand. Good for them, and good for nudism. We cannot allow the adult lifestyle folks to hijack family-friendly nudist resorts and turn them into outdoor strip clubs.

Writers like Laura Leyrer need to be more responsible when throwing around the word "nudist" when referring to swinger resorts. The public is confused enough already without being subjected to even more misinformation from supposed "experts."


thomas said...

I have the impression, rightly or wrongly, that you & I have similar attitudes towards nudism. When I think of clubs like Hedonism, what comes to mind is public blow-job contests. When I think of nudists resorts like the one I belong to, LdS, I think of every day people going about their normal lives, just doing it in the nude. It makes me wonder if we're not being too idealistic? I mean blow-job contests are exciting, if too tiring for every day life. But what is there about every day life in the nude that will attract people to that lifestyle? It reminds me of voting Peace & Freedom Party. We're making a statement but no one is listening.We need to find a way to attract people without going overboard.
I work for a Humane Society and we face a similar obstacle: educating the public. Don't declaw your cats, it's cruel. Don't leave your cat out at night, they become coyote food. Spay or neuter your dog or cat so we don't have little dogs & cats running around. People listen publicly but don't do anything about it when they get home. We have to get their attention.
As for Laura Leyrer, I don't know anything about her. But I have the impression that she's not confusing the general public, she IS the general public. And we're not getting to them

thomas said...

OK, I read Laura L's column and your response to it. I agree with you but I still think she is part of the uneducated public.
I'm wondering if part of her job description is to be a shill for advertisers like Castaways Travel?