Thursday, January 11, 2007

10 Year-Old Girl Scared by Nude Photo

I'm not sure who is more stupid, the people who are afraid of nudity or those that take the time to listen to them. In New Zealand, a 10 year-old girl downloaded wallpaper for a cell phone that shows a woman naked from the waist up, but her hands covering her nipples. First of all, what is a little kid doing with a cell phone? Secondly, what is the difference between the photo on the phone and any woman in a bikini on a beach? The mother is outraged (naturally) and is demanding better security on cell phones, labeling the image "porn". The girl is reported to be upset, embarassed and "scared". The cell phone provider defends the content as being consistent with images readily available on television and in advertising. So now we are not only in fear of the female nipple, we are now afraid of the surrounding flesh! Get this kid some therapy, she's going to need it.

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