Friday, January 12, 2007

The Burqini

An Australian designer is marketing the Burqini swimsuit for Muslim women. You just cannot make this stuff up.
A cross between a burqa and a bikini, the polyester suit is made up of pants and a long- sleeved thigh or knee-length A-line top with head covering. It is water-repellent, UV-resistant and comes with Arab designs. Its Australian designer, Aheda Zanetti, has been swamped with thousands of inquiries about the product from Europe, Britain, the United States, Asia and the Middle East.
And if you think the Burqini is disturbing, check out the Fulla doll.
Dollmakers also have long grappled with how to create dolls with accurate body parts that are still appropriate for children. One Fulla doll wears a pink jumpsuit that covers most of her arms and legs. Beneath her clothes, though, a pink tank top and pants are painted on her upper and lower torso.Williams said that the painted-on clothes solution was also used to protect modesty when the Ken doll was designed. At the time, there was a debate over whether he should have a bulge in his pants; the manufacturer painted underpants onto his torso."There was this concern that it can't be nude," she said, "and children pick up on that: Why is this part of the doll not undressable?" Williams suggested that adults who design female dolls without breasts are showing their extreme ambivalence about femininity. "On the one hand, the idea is trying to provide a role model for children to emulate. On the other hand, they're showing their discomfort with anything sexual."
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