Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Criminalized Nipples in the News Again

Melissa Harrington of Lincoln Nebraska is in the news again. In August, she was convicted for public nudity for being topless at a wet t-shirt contest. The notable aspect of the case is that she was charged with public nudity based on photos posted on the Internet. Police saw the pix, identified the location as being in Lincoln, and since public nudity is against the law in that city, they busted her. Melissa claims that her nipple areas were completely covered with pink paint and should have been within the boundaries of the law. Now she is suing the city of Lincoln and the police department because she alleges that officers are intimidating bar owners from hiring her.

Now Melissa is in the sex business (web site here - warning, adult content), but that is beside the point. Being a male, I could paint my nipples pink and walk down any public street without fear of arrest. I might get a few stares and rude remarks, but I would not end up before a judge. It's really time for someone to test the constitutionality of prosecuting topless women. There is no justifiable reason for holding the female nipple to a different standard than that of the male.

Little by little topfree equality is gaining ground. Here in Ohio women cannot be prosecuted for baring their breasts in public. In Florida, a woman was acquitted of public indecency because it was ruled that her actions were in protest and protected by the First Amendment. For up-to-date topfreedom news, visit the TERA website.

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