Saturday, October 31, 2009

Penn State Brochure Recommends Nudist Naturist Activities

At Penn State, students considering jobs as nude artists' models are given a brochure which recommends "some sort of naturist/nudist recreation" in order to prepare and overcome any embarrassment. It also praises nude models:
“You have just been inducted into one of the longest-standing traditions in the history of art,” it reads. “You are one of the select few who have provided their bodies for the betterment of other people. Because of people like you, we have the Da Vincis, the Van Goghs, the Warhols.”
OK, AANR and TNS, the art department at Penn State has just opened a door for you. The University is actually recommending nude recreation to its students - how about offering free limited memberships or free day passes to all the aspiring models? Or perhaps a nude swimming event could be organized at one of the university pools. You want the younger generation getting involved in nude recreation? Penn State just offered its students on a silver platter.

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