Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taking a Stand for Topfreedom

If you are a woman, your breasts are sexualized and criminalized. Oh sure, everyone wants to wear the pink ribbon to combat breast cancer, but nobody actually wants to see your breasts in public, especially if you are feeding a baby or simply trying to avoid tan lines. Breasts are for Playboy magazine and strip clubs, for the pleasure of the Great American Male, and you will not take out the twins for any reason other than for titillation.

It takes a lot of courage these days for anyone to take a stand in support of freedom for the female breast.

Advocates for topfree equality know the name of Liz Book, the Florida woman who has bared her breasts for equality and has suffered the consequences for her activism. Recently she was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel and spoke about how she began her life of protest.
I saw a police officer and I asked him how many women were being arrested for breast exposure. He told me, "probably a couple hundred." My indignation for what these women would suffer as I had suffered, what this would do to their futures, overshadowed any fear I had of confronting Big Brother.
Anyone who reads Book's interview should be frightened by how sexist and abusive the law can be towards women. Liz has endured arrests, threats and abuse for her cause, and while she has a lot of support, there seem to be very few women willing to put it all on the line as she has done time and time again.

But Liz is going to give women everywhere a chance to do more than talk on March 8, 2008, a day she calls International Women's Day Top-Free Stand. She plans to be in Daytona Beach coming at the authorities once again, and the time would never be better for thousands of women everywhere to join Liz in her cause by baring their breasts for equality.

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Smilesalways04 said...

I agree it is time for a change. It is so unfair if a man who is over weight showing his breast don't get arrested. Other countries don't have a problem with naked breast. So why should we. I think the law makers should take a look at the laws and see what year it is. It's the year of change and well I'm am supporting her. I'm nudist and this law of only men can be free is time for a change.

Liz Book said...

I am Elizabeth Book. I have been corresponding, recently, with our Nudiarist. I must say that I am so pleased and suprised to have this knowledgeable man championing me and the crusade I have been fighting against Daytona Beach. I am grateful to all those who have stepped up to the plate to fight for this cause. For so long, I have felt the wrath and endured the brunt of Daytona's animosity towards women. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to read what has been written here. It is so comforting to know that I was never alone. It has reaffirmed my convictions and given me courage just to know you are there.
I have relayed the updates of the March 8th protest to our friend, the Nudiarist.
The most exciting update is about the change in name that I have made for the event. I have decided to call it, "The International Topfree Stand". "The International Women's Day Topfree Stand" was just too long. The new name is a classic irony in itself. T.I.T.S. are the initials. Imagine that, "T.I.T.S" in Daytona Beach. I live for the day.
Here's a tip from me, for you; If you are planning to come to the protest, you should know the schedule I am planning. I will be doing my setup at 9:00 a.m. on the West side of the Main Street bridge, in the park that borders BMW Cycles. You may want to arrive early. There were tens of thousands of people at my first protest. There were hundreds at my second, and four people at my last.
The Peabody Auditorium protest was a symbolic gesture. I didn't reach out for anyone to join me.
So you see, I cannot tell you how many people will make it to the Stand. My greatest hope is that the entire island will be standing room only! (It is an International event.)
What can I say, "I'm a dreamer."

Topfree and So Very Defiant in Daytona Beach, Liz Book