Thursday, October 08, 2009

Actress Malin Akerman Says Nudity is Natural

In an interview published today, actress Malin Akerman ("Couples Retreat", "The Heartbreak Kid") credits her upbringing with her relaxed attitude about nudity.
Q. You've done a few nude scenes in movies and television. Is it your Swedish
background that makes you so comfortable with nudity?

A. I would imagine so. In Sweden, nudity is natural. It's not considered sexual. We've grown up with boobies on television. People are topless on the beach. My parents would sometimes walk naked from the bedroom to the bathroom. You don't blink because it's so natural. I always think of my parents when I take a role. If I had been brought up in a prudish household, perhaps I would think differently. But, if the role is a good one, the nudity is not even an afterthought.

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