Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"There was children nude"

Anthony and Lisa Demaree had their children taken away for a month in Arizona after a Wal-Mart employee called the police when she saw the couple's vacation photos, which included nude photos of their children. Although the Demarees were cleared of all charges, they filed lawsuits against Wal-Mart, the state of Arizona, the Attorney General, and the city of Peoria for punitive damages for defamation and outrage.

Now the Peoria police department has released an audiotape of a conversation between officers and Wal-Mart employee Lisa Cage in a bizarre attempt to further defame the Demarees.
"There was children nude, and I know that's normal at some point, you know, children in the bath tub, stuff like that, but this was beyond that, which is what brought my attention to it," she tells the officer.
Since the state already completely exonerated the Demarees, this seems to be some sort of lame attempt to sway public opinion prior to the trial. It's frightening that this one employee could not only be an arm of the law overseeing public censorship issues, but an expert witness as well.

UPDATE: Another story here, which has excerpts of conversations between the police and the Demarees.
"We take pictures of their little naked butts all the time. It's nothing," Anthony Demaree, the father, told police.

His wife, Lisa, was asked in a separate interview about naked shots of one of the girls.

"She's just a nudist," the mother responded. "We teach her all the time that she's going to live in a nudist colony. There's no like, pornographic, nothing..."

"I guess it could be perceived, I can see where it would be alarming to you guys if you're seeing all these naked pictures," she said. "But, I encourage you to contact anybody you want and ask them about us and our family."


thomas said...

It's too bad about this whole situation. I've always liked Walmart because the people there made me feel young, thin and sophisticated.

Academic Naturist said...

"We teach her all the time that she's going to live in a nudist colony."

Huh? Since when do actual nudists call them colonies? And since when do you need to teach children to go naked? I thought they did this on their own, unless parents force their clothes to stay on.

I'm not accusing them of anything though, it's just a bit odd. If they were actually guilty of something, they wouldn't file a lawsuit and bring forth a lot more attention to their way of life.

I have an idea what the wal-mart employee thought was out of the ordinary -- people naked outside of the bathroom!

We develop our photos at Walgreens.

Nudiarist said...

That is an odd comment...remember that this is from a conversation she had with police and she was likely very nervous...I suspect that what she really meant to say was that "we tell her all the time she's going to grow up an live in a nudist colony" because of her love for nudity. I doubt that these people are practicing nudists, that would have come out by now. I just think they're very relaxed about nudity, which is how more families should be.