Monday, October 12, 2009

Making Asses Out of Nudists

Still being referred to as a "nudist resort", even after breaking from AANR, Caliente hosted a bikini-less bikini contest with porn stars, in front of "half-drunk nudists and overenthusiastic dudes with cameras." Article with plenty of photos here. Take note of the many people who appear to be typical nudists mixed in with the others wearing clothes and gawking at the gyrating adult entertainers. I really don't have an answer how TNS and AANR can get these sexed-up resorts to disassociate from the nudist label, because this ain't nudism. One thing for sure - ignoring this problem is not going to make it go away.

Mark my words - the next big push by moralists and politicians will be to try and bar anyone under 18 from nudist resorts. Read this letter to the editor from a woman who asks, "If a photo of a nude child is against the law, why in the world are children allowed in nudist camps?"

Photos of nude children are NOT against the law, but sexualized images of children are. It now seems that the majority of the public believes that any image of a nude child, even in a museum, or taken by parents to record childhood innocence, is somehow pornographic, and a magnet for pedophiles.

Now throw in the image being put forth by Caliente, which is being mistaken for nudism, and you have a potentially fatal problem. You want nude beaches? You want public lands set aside for nude recreation? Well, the hysteria over pedophilia, the sexed-up image of nudism, and teens being prosecuted for taking nude photos of themselves, all add up to trouble, and you have a growing opposition to anything involving nudity for people under the age of 18.

Trying to separate sex from nudity in this society seems to be an impossible task, but we cannot, and must not, give in to this pornification of the nudist and naturist lifestyle.


Academic Naturist said...

The letter to the editor is quite disturbing... Another thing that I noticed was that she uses the word "public". This isn't a shopping mall. The "public" places where children can be nude are very safe and protected. Yes, these places attract some bad people, and they are immediately thrown out. (Even at a beach.) A shopping mall, in my opinion, is much more dangerous for a child no matter how many layers they are wearing.

Anyway, my point of posting is to address the sexed-up resorts that use "nudist" as a buzzword. In my best judgment, it is in their advantage to use that word and further the confusion.

I agree that politicians will respond under moralist pressure to ban the under-18's from ever being naked. When they write up the laws with sexed-up resorts in mind, they will indirectly attack naturist resorts/beaches too. Of course, the NAC will have to step in and fight it.

If the sexed-up resorts distance themselves from naturism, then they are on their own in terms of legal protection. (Though NAC is a best-effort group, it's far better than nothing.)

The NAC has had some very unusual allies in past cases, and has often been at the front-lines for issues that really shouldn't impact naturism. A lot of groups have piggy-backed on NAC's generosity. I believe the sexed-up resorts would do the same. My hope is that NAC negotiates lots of $$$ for the service.

I also believe that their use of the word "nudist" isn't that well thought out. Places like that have the idea that they can do anything they want, and they include as many buzzwords as they can think of.

The only thing that might make them stop using the word is when true naturists visit, then write complaints that it's false advertising and misleading. Create bad PR for them and they'll change their ways. (maybe)

Anna said...

Do you know if Caliente or Paradise Lakes still allow children anywhere on their property?

If so, now that's a time bomb waiting to explode.

Nudiarist said...

Children are allowed at Paradise Lakes with restrictions from being in certain areas at certain times

The Caliente Resorts website appears to be down as on this post.