Sunday, October 04, 2009

Public Nudity at LovEvolution

San Francisco continues to lead the way in displays of public nudity, and yesterday's LovEvolution event (formerly LoveFest) was no exception.
The event shut down Market Street between Second Street and Civic Center and was expected to draw 10,000 revelers. Shoppers and tourists on the busy thoroughfare looked downright perplexed, several stopped to ask what the 20-plus floats blaring electronic music as scantily clad people gyrated on them were all about.
Lots of colorful and fun Flickr photos can be found here and here. Be sure to set your safe search to "off".

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thomas said...

Kind of like the '60s with more ornate costumes. We need more of this.
BTW did anyone notice the 4 girls in body paint in the front row at the Cal/USC game? Gave the ABC cameras a real problem. If it wasn't body paint they had a strange pattern and were very, very thin