Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Reactions to Naked Coffee Guy

Wendy McElroy makes many good points, among them:
...the presence of the 7-year-old child raises this case into the realm of official hysteria -- a place where it is possible that Williamson will be convicted even though he is patently innocent of wrongdoing. Innocence is no defense against a sex crime when a child is even peripherally involved.
Men's News Daily is equally concerned about the case:
Maybe he does want to be seen naked, maybe he doesn't. Answer: Don't take the path by the guy's house or tell the kid not to look. Sorry, but seeing a man with his dong hanging out is a terrible thing why?
Leonore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids wonders:
...maybe we shouldn’t assume our kids are ruined for life by every untoward event.
One of Lenore's readers responds:

We produce the bulk of the world’s porn, flash breasts at every newsstand, but arrest nursing mothes, and sleepy naked men making their morning coffee at their own kitchen counters.

Are we hopelessly screwed up, or what??

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